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Team Building Packages

The escape room experience will give companies the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, critical thinking, logic and organization, all in a high pressure- live situation environment. You will leave the challenge united and invigorated. Team building is paramount to the success of a business. Escape rooms provide interactive challenges to strengthen your teams. We offer engaging events hosted by experts in fun.

Just for Fun

Have fun and blow off steam with our escape room experience.
Dedicated escape room Game Master
One hour of immersive, team-bonding experiences
Fun group photos


Everything from Just for Fun package
30 mins of pre-escape room discussion of goal based on your objectives
Use of our “Viewing Room” to observe team tendencies and contributions from behind the scenes
30 mins of post escape room discussion to begin the process of growing the team towards a more cohesive group

Self-Facilitated PLUS

Everything from our Self Facilitated Package
Group t-shirts
Customized company banner
Personalized signs to hold