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A mutated virus changed the structure of the body, turning the victims into blood thirsty zombies. Crowds of the living dead scattered around our streets, searching for food while small groups of people are hiding in shelters. A few days ago, a talented scientist announced a breakthrough in vaccine development over radio frequency. It seems the generator has broken in Bunker 915-B, we lost communication. Your team volunteers to investigate what happened. Help us get the vaccine and save the town or will you encounter a Zombie?

Minimum players is 3 – Max players is 10 

Although Zombie Bunker 915-B Escape Room is a thrilling adventure, we can scale the game to add or remove scares. Large groups work together as a team to escape this thrilling game.This game has Halloween type decor and can be played by any age.

All escape room bookings are private, so we will not add anyone to your game. We recommend to book for the minimum per room if your team is paying separate or unsure of how many will attend. This will guarantee the space for your group and any additional can add upon arrival. All bookings are non-refundable once booked.

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8 out 10