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Abandoned Motel


Welcome to vacation, first stop is food! Enjoying your meal you notice people standing around an abandoned motel. The waitress explains that visitors and staff suddenly disappeared and no one has been allowed inside- apparently there has been supernatural activity. You turn to your friend and say “challenge accepted”. Recently a journalist made her way inside…no one has seen her since, but how bad can it be, she is probably hiding for media attention. Being the curious lover of all supernatural what could really go wrong? Will you go inside to uncover the secrets of the motel…or chicken out?

Minimum players is 3 – Max players is 10 

Escape Game Abandoned Motel is a thrilling adventure. Large groups work together as a team to escape this thrilling game. Game may have sound effects and décor representing the theme and be dimly lit. Although the theme is supernatural, spirits, haunted, all ages welcome if ok with the theme.

All bookings are private, so we will not add anyone to your game. We recommend to book for the minimum per room if your team is paying separate or unsure of how many will attend. This will guarantee the space for your group and any additional can add upon arrival. All bookings are non-refundable once booked. Escape Game Abandoned Motel

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9 out 10