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Legends of Xscape is MOBILE! Let the fun come to you.

Corporate Team Building. Birthday Parties. Student Groups. School Events. Church Gatherings. Reunions. Festivals.
With our MOBILE options, you don’t have to travel to enjoy an escape room. We bring the fun to you. At your event, your guests can enter an exciting, themed environment and work together to make the great escape. Our mobile escape game is exciting, challenging and thrilling entertainment for everyone.

Virus Threat

Virus Threat is a mobile game where 6 teams of 4-8 people work together to stop a crippling computer virus that is the process of uploading. Participants follow clues and answer puzzles to end the upload before everyone’s personal information is compromised. Every team works simultaneously to solve different elements of the task, therefore it also tends to become a friendly competition between groups!

Mobile Escape Room Bus

This mobile game contained inside a BUS is guaranteed to be the hit at your next event!
A famous astronaut is passing through your town. The media has been reporting that he may be in possession of an alien strain of DNA that would prove life in space! The astronaut has avoided all interviews to confirm if he actually has the DNA. You are determined to find out if this story is true. Curiosity leads you on a mission to find evidence if the DNA exist. Can you get proof before the Caption gets back?

To-Go Boxes

Our To-Go boxes are mobile table top games where teams of 4-6 people work together to solve puzzles, crack codes and race against the clock. Multiple teams can go at the same time each solving their own escape box game and earn bragging rights of the fastest puzzle solvers! Two themes to choose, delivery to your location.