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Nightmare on Datura St – Escape Room

This immersive escape room is guaranteed to bring the fun. Ivan the Butcher is back, mad and on a killing spree. Rumor has it , if you are able to find his mask, you will stop the murders. You have been selected to help the detective work your way through Ivan’s crazy world to find Ivan’s concealment or you may be his next victim. Will you be able to save yourself- save your town? One, two Ivan’s coming for you… Difficulty is 5 out of 10. Max players is 8. *You have one hour to find the mask and safe yourself. Ivan is always 15mins behind you, you will have to work fast. **May be jump scares, dark rooms and crawling required. Please bring a light sweater if you are sensitive to colder temps. Extreme content, not recommended for those with heart conditions or pregnant.
The elevator floor indicator in the lobby of the Atlas building, 8 E. Long St. on March 27, 2015. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Tom Dodge)

The Elevator -Escape Room

Elevator’s A and B are challenge escape rooms. Double the fun and race against your opponents in  a friendly competition.  These rooms accommodate up to 6 people each. You do not have to book both rooms to play this game. You and your family arrive at The Grand Legend Palace hotel ready for a wonderful vacation. Checking in at the front desk you are delighted to find your luggage has been delivered by the airlines. As the attendant shows  you to your room you start to notice people moving quickly past you in a panic. Determined to hit the beach you continue on to your suite located on the 5th floor. It’s your vacation, what could go wrong? This game is  designed to use practical application and  inventive use of common items. Implement these clever solutions to  get on with your sunny vacation. Good luck! This room is family friend. Difficulty is 5 out of 10. Sound effects are used in the game.  

Houdini’s Final Escape Room

For generations, Harry Houdini’s escapes have astounded audiences. There is no method of restraint that was able to defeat the legendary escape artist. For his last performance you and your friends have volunteered to help execute his final escape. Once you are directed back stage you realize something has gone wrong and you’re now the escape artist.  Solve the puzzles, find magical secrets- you may even perform some magic yourself! See if you can beat Houdini at his own game and escape within 60 mins. Difficulty is 9 out of 10. Max players is 8. Room includes bending, please advise your Game Master if alternative needed.
area 51 poster

Captured (Area 51) – Escape Room

There has been a lot of activity in Roswell, NM and other known alien sighting locations. In your recent trip to Las Vegas, you decide to venture to the Southern portion of Nevada and probe around at the large Military airfield also known as Area 51. When you arrive at the gate you are quickly approached by white vans. The Military guards apprehended you and drive to a heavily secured building. While detained in their office, the guard gets a phone call of more civilian conducting suspicious activity. He tells you he will back within an hour to take you to interrogation. Will you be able to evade the guard and escape the premises? Difficulty is 8 out of 10. Max players is 8.  

Sunday Morning – Escape Room

You are on vacation with your family and decide to go on a segway tour around the city. You come across an abandoned building. Do you dare to go inside? Difficulty is 6 out of 10. Max players is 6.