The Atrium Building 324 Datura Street, Suite 101 West Palm Beach, FL 33401


What is Legends of Xscape?

It is a live situation room where you must use skills and intellect to escape the themed room within 60 minutes. The game is designed to excite, inspire and challenge the group while providing brain teaser fun.

Book now

Yes! You must book your game online or contact us directly to reserve your room. If you do not see the time that suits you, call us to see if we can accommodate. We are more than willing to work something out.

All our games are private, we do not add anyone to your game. You will need at least 2 people to play.

Everyone is welcome to play the game. We ask that anyone under the age of 13 be accompanied by an adult.

Pricing starts out at $28 per person, per game. We encourage 3-6 players as the puzzle are challenging. This is non refundable and paid in advance either on the booking tool or contacting us directly.

No. Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase.

Absolutely, We encourage corporate events, it is a great way to practice team building skills. Call us to discuss pricing options.

Absolutely! We keep the mornings and afternoons off the normal schedule for private events like these.

Dress comfortably as you will be moving around. There will be limited physical activity.

Players should be able to bend down, reach up, push and pull objects. The majority of the work will be problem solving and opening locks.

Your ambition, your critical thinking and your adrenaline.

If you choose to leave the room once the game starts you will not be allowed to re-enter.

Yes, we change out the games every so often to keep it interesting so make sure you check back for more exciting rooms.

We let you out once 60 minutes is up. Most groups find themselves laughing and still pumped up on adrenaline as they are let out of the room. Your experience will be a positive one, escaping the room or not.

BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! Your picture will be placed on our “wall of fame”.